These instructions are intended to help prepare you for your sleep study.  Please contact our office if you would like clarification or have further questions.

- Avoid alcoholic beverages, tranquilizers or sedatives on the day of your study unless otherwise instructed.

- Do not use coffee or beverages containing caffeine after 2 PM on the day of your study.

- Try to maintain a usual daytime schedule (avoid unusual physical exercise or meals).  Do not take naps on the day of your study unless instructed to do so.

- Please shower and shampoo you hair prior to arrival for the test as this improves the quality of the recording.  Do not use leave in conditioners, hair spray or oily treatments after shampoo. Conditioner you rinse out of your hair is okay. If you get your hair done for the week then schedule that appointment the day after your overnight study. We apply sensors to your head with paste and tape. This will mess up your hair. Everything we apply can easily be washed out the next day. Everything is water soluble.

- This is an outpatient procedure (test).  Therefore, nursing services and medication are not provided. Please wait to take any sleep medication until after you talk to the night tech. You can take sleep medication after you are set up to the wires for the night.  If you take regular medications, bring them with you and take them on the schedule you do at home.  Bring a snack if needed to take with your medication.

- We ask that you wear your normal comfortable sleeping attire. Females – avoid gowns; top and bottom pajamas are better. Men - required to wear pajama bottoms over underwear.

- The technician will apply several small gold electrodes to the scalp with a paste.  One electrode each will be taped beside the eyes.  Also, electrodes may be taped near the nose and mouth, the chest, legs, and/or arms depending on the test ordered by the physician.  This is a painless procedure and the skin is not broken.

- You will then be allowed to relax and prepare for sleep.  We ask that you try to adhere to the bedtime previously established for you.  The monitoring electrodes attached to you will not cause any major restriction to your movement while sleeping.

- The technician will help you during the night if you wish to get out of bed (e.g. to go to the bathroom).  Your wires will be unplugged so you can move freely.

- If you are unable to make your appointment, please notify our office at least 1 business day before your appointment or you will be assessed a $75 cancellation fee.

- Our aim to provide the best test and evaluation of your sleep that is possible. Please call 801-418-9167 if you have any questions.  Your cooperation is appreciated. 

Thank you!  

Instructions for Overnight Sleep Studies.